Writing Update

Work is going along steadily, but I have decided that a better title for this book is Where Cats Come From.

Originally, I intended to focus only on house cats. I soon learned that this is impossible: little Felis silvestris and other modern and extinct cats and cat-like animals are more alike than different. This means that it is better to consider the whole group when exploring their development, rather than just one line of cats.
I also learned why very little has been written about this. Cats and cat-like creatures called nimravids developed their basic form very early in the Age of Mammals. Their fossils, therefore, are very difficult to tell apart. Many researchers are at work today, trying to understand how cats evolved.

By the way, the featured image on this post, by the superb artist Charles R. Knight, shows the nimravid Dinictis chasing a herbivore – that is NOT a cat!  And it is about 12 million years old.  In comparison, Felis silvestris as a species is only about 200,000 years old.


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