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I am writing a series of short ebooks about cat evolution, and use these blog posts and those at to help me get it in shape. Any feedback would be welcome. Unfortunately, for the moment, for reasons having to do with stalking, I also need to say that no one is authorized to represent me or speak for me, even if they claim to have or actually do have a family connection.

Peaceful Moments:  Little Trees

“When Summer lies upon the world, 

and in a noon of gold 

Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves 

the dreams of trees unfold… ”

   — J. R. R. Tolkien


50 Facts Book Update

Finally, a workable, complete, and interesting outline for the first 50 Facts book, about house cats (and inevitably a bit about wildcats, too)!

It’s amazing just how much of the basic information I’ve been putting in the blog posts won’t be in the book. And this means I’ve got somewhere around 45,000 words to write between now and Cyber Monday.

Is it possible? Stay tuned.

Peaceful Moment: Victor Borge in Detroit

I came across a video of this performance on a Victor Borge collection from the local library. I had remembered him as a wonderful clown on TV during my childhood. Now in my sixties, I recognized that only someone who has lived life open as much as possible to the world’s pains and pleasures could play like this.

People say a lot of things about Detroit, but it is not a bad town – a Danish pianist did this there one night.