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Interesting Cat People: Friedrich Schwangart


That’s what I would have said until I stumbled across his name while researching domestic long-haired fancy breeds and discovered the German Longhair.

After getting that down in my notes, I looked up Schwangart because there was a hiatus in the history about what he did and where he was during World War II, other than that he went from Dresden to Munich.

Was he a Nazi?  A Jew?  A look-the-other-way type?

It turns out this remarkable man lost his job because he was a Communist and a social activist who did not like the Nazis, but he apparently had enough prestige to preserve his life.
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Fancy Cats Come From Moggies

A fancy-cat is one of those fur-baby champions on display at a cat show.

Moggies are all the other domestic cats. This UK term for cats has spread throughout the English-speaking world partly because of the British Commonwealth and partly over the Internet.

It’s a cute word, much easier on modern ears than “malkin” or “grimalkin,” the really old English words for “cat.”

Back in the day, there weren’t any fancy-cats, just some pets that belonged to royalty, aristocratics, or religious recluses.

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The Evolution of Cats: 1. Why A Cat?

Experts say that when dogs first evolved, they lived in trees and looked something like a civet. (Rose)

It’s true that cats evolved later than dogs, but when they first appeared they looked a lot like modern cats.  And long before the first true cat evolved, fully developed cat-like nimravids bounded onto the scene.

Fossils from those early days are rare, so nobody knows how nimravids developed, but ever since then that beautiful feline shape has prowled the forests and plains of Earth.

This story also has a human side.

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